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OUR MISSION: To promote and advance the use of natural stone.
OUR VISION: To position our members as “the source” of knowledge, information, products and services for the design community and end user.
OUR STRATEGY: To promote and enhance the reach and relevance of our members to the market place.

logo-2About the BSI

Since 1919, the Building Stone Institute has worked on behalf of the quarries, fabricators, retailers, importers, exporters, carvers, sculptors, restorers, designers, and installers that comprise our diverse membership. BSI provides programs and services that empower our member companies to offer the highest level of quality products and services.  BSI resources are necessary tools that enable our members to educate the architectural and design communities on the benefits and uses of natural stone. ??BSI is a not-for-profit trade association dedicated to serving its member firms, and providing educational materials and continuing education on the uses and benefits of natural stone. We support efforts to continually increase the quality of service, quality of products, and demand for stone. We hope you find our site informative about the organization, abundant in stone awareness and technical guidance plus a convenient resource to locate experts for all aspects of natural stone. ??BSI is a proud continuing education provider with the American Institute of Architects & the American Society of Landscape Architects, a founding member of the Natural Stone Council and a member of the U.S. Green Building Council.

Education, Programs and Services

Designer Education Series

The Designer Education Series first began in 2005 when BSI desired a brand new approach to providing solid educational programming to the design community. Learn More

Building Stone Magazine

Building Stone Magazine, published by the Building Stone Institute (BSI) through a partnership with BNP Media, is the trusted source of natural stone information for architects, landscape architects, interior designers and consumers alike. Through well written editorial and visually inspiring photography of stone installations, Building Stone magazine provides a direct portal of necessary stone awareness and technical resources to benefit the decision makers who impact our built environment. Learn More or Read Building Stone Magazine.

Annual Convention and Study Tour

Building Stone Institute provides numerous opportunities throughout the year for member firms to receive educational opportunities. The two largest events are the Annual Convention and the Study Tour. The Annual Convention features business meetings, committee meetings, and classroom based presentations. Ask a member and you are likely to hear that networking at BSI events is one of the most important benefits of membership. BSI builds plenty of networking fun into our annual convention, including a light-hearted team challenge that provides character building skills while getting to know each other better. Learn More

The Study Tour is typically a hands-on educational opportunity with open-door visits to other operations where attendees see how other members of the BSI run their businesses. Attendees have an up close opportunity to take home new ideas and hear tips on addressing every day issues in a different – maybe even better way. Learn More


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BSI Staff

Jane Bennett
Executive Vice President

Kayla Carlozzi
Association Services Coordinator

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