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Work to develop an advocacy education program for BSI member firms. This collaborative effort of all related industry associations will strive to address key legislative issues facing the industry, inform the memberships on how they can get involved in the political process and help educate members of Congress about our needs.

The committee’s involvement with established lobbying efforts of other industry organizations gives BSI members the opportunity to connect with high profile members of Congress. This united approach insures a greater impact of message and increased solidarity of position on issues.


  • Keep BSI members informed on industry-related legislative concerns
  • Periodically survey members to identify issues of importance and agencies with which they regularly deal
  • Encourage BSI members to communicate with their local legislators


Ensure the consistency, relevance and highest level of quality regarding content, design and distribution for all the BSI communication elements. Including, but not limited to Building Stone Magazine, newsletter and website.


Building Stone Magazine

  • Serve as a resource for article topics, contributing authors, themes and other issues related to the publication.
  • Work directly with editor to establish production and distribution plan.
  • Serve to insure the visual quality and editorial content is within BSI expectation and best presentation to our intended audience.
  • Designated members will proof drafts prior to publication.


  • Serve as resource for concept, navigation and visual development of new BSI website.
  • Provide direction for content, industry and technical resource links and ongoing development.


Plan and support a comprehensive education plan that addresses the needs of the membership and the design community at large. Utilizing BSI’s provider status with the AIA, this committee serves to mentor members in the development of proprietary BSI Designer Education Series (DES) program presentations. Speaker Development, DES workshops and other BSI sponsored education efforts during conventions and study tours further empower BSI members with the skills and opportunity to increase market reach and further promote stone awareness within the design community.


  • Provide oversight, training and support to members who wish to develop a DES.
  • Consult on content, speakers and locations for BSI sponsored DES programs.
  • Advocate partnership opportunity for joint programs with other industry organizations.
  • Assist in development of template programs for global member use.


To sustain and increase BSI membership through new member recruitment, retention of current members and outreach to lapsed members to foster decisions to re-join.


  • Refine and execute the annual BSI Membership Recruitment/Retention effort.
  • Monitor growth progress by tracking total membership levels, including member retention figures and percentage of additional new members.
  • Serve as ambassadors of the BSI and “mentors” to new members.
  • Assist with membership/hosting activities at the annual convention.


This sub-committee supports and fulfills the research efforts of the Natural Stone Council’s Sustainability and dimensional stone standard Stakeholders Committees as they address challenges to position natural stone as a certified “green”, sustainable product.


  • Serve as information conduit of industry efforts to the BSI members.
  • Inform members specifically how their business and our organization can makes strides toward implementing industry best practices.
  • Instruct members through education and by example, how to promote to their customers the sustainable or otherwise environmentally, socially and economically responsible ways in which BSI member companies operate.


Serve as the lead for all technical resource, codes and standards interest and/or concerns within the organization through collaborative interaction with other industry organizations.


  • Encourage BSI members to join Masonry Standards Joint Committee (MSJC) and/or American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) committees to provide increased BSI influence and offer industry votes of support to critical issues.
  • Serve in “as needed” capacity as resource to address technical questions received by the BSI office and respond to such inquiries in a timely fashion.
  • Contribute ideas, articles, and submissions as resources to support Building Stone Magazine, BSI newsletter and organization website.
  • Participate in educational efforts during BSI sponsored programs and annual events.