DES Guidelines

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1 Hour Lunch and Learn DES Presentations

All BSI filed, AIA accredited programs must have certain core requirements to be accepted for continuing education credit.

  • 1. Marketing Requirements
    • a. Any promotional materials announcing the event will mention both the BSI and the sponsoring companies
    • b. Specific logos must be used (available from the BSI)
      i.   BSI/DES Logo
      ii.  Sponsoring Company Logo
      iii. AIA continuing education logo
    • c. BSI must receive a copy of the marketing piece with your request for filing.
  • 2. Administrative Requirements
    • a. The BSI files your program with the AIA.  For us to file, please send your power point and learning objectives for review.  Allow several weeks for the program to be filed.
    • b. Attendance sheets (Provider B) forms will be sent to you along with a copy of your program as listed on the AIA Website
    • c. After the program, return Provider Form B to the BSI
    • d. AIA Quality Commitment Statements (provided by BSI) must be signed and returned.
    • e. BSI will file, create certificates for those attendees who requested them, and mail them to the sponsoring company.
  • 3. Content Requirements
    • a. BSI Slide Template (provided to you from the BSI)
    • b. Format – 4 mandatory slides must be included in each presentation
      i.   Introductory Slide – Title slide that includes the BSI/DES logo and your company logo
      ii.  AIA Best Practices Slide
      iii. Learning Objectives Slide
      iv. Closing Slide – use company name/logo and ask for questions
    • c. Do not use your company name, name of any competitors, clients, suppliers or verbiage that can translate into a sales pitch or marketing piece
  • 4. Provide a simple catered lunch for your audience
  • 5. Although not required, you can have promotional products or brochures available for your audience, provided they are left out on a rear table of the room.