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What is BSI doing for members today?

Member Testimonial –

Edward’s Stone has been growing at a rate of about 20 percent locally over the past 4 years.  We have expanded into a new location with more staff and more potential for expansion regionally.  After our first year in the new building, we stabilized and wanted more for our company.  We looked back in to joining BSI after having a meeting with our supplier about getting our company known nationally.

I wanted to educate our professional clientele about thin veneer stone and its benefits to the building market.  The first steps was to find information relative to our company and beneficial to our clients.  There was not much information from my research, but what I did find was links back to BSI’s website.  I called BSI to see what information I could get to use in our presentation.  Once speaking to Kayla and Jane about what BSI has to offer and how we can network with other companies in our industry to share stories and work together to build the stone industry across the country.

Nebraska is slowly gaining popularity with stone products, but lack the education and benefits for natural products over manufactured.  Joining BSI was the best way to expand on our research based from members and educators.  Another colleague and I were invited to attend the Vegas Expo to see what BSI offered and attend the classes.  We learned a great deal of information about stone products and learned from others how to address issues during projects.

Today, with the help of Kayla and Jane at BSI, we are awaiting approval to present the first of many courses under the BSI, AIA, and ASLA titles.  Edward’s Stone made the right decision to become part of a nationally recognized association while continuing to expand our company to a brand, one step above the rest.  Thank you BSI for allowing us to be a part of a growing partnership and look towards the future of the stone industry.”
Jorge Contreras – Estimator at Edward’s Stone, Roca, Nebraska

Brand Development

BSI is committed to its strategic direction. As part of our Brand Development initiative, BSI communications, publications and web presence convey that BSI and its members are a knowledge source.  Ways in which BSI informs its members, educates the design community and further promotes the use of natural stone is consistent and recognizable.  Our ongoing goal is to increase BSI relevance in our market place, and thereby create more value in membership for our members.

Member Training and Development
 is a core objective in all BSI events, programs and services. Educational sessions offered at Annual Conventions, hands-on site visits during Study Tours and the stone resources BSI provides to members, designers and consumers through the BSI Website support this objective. BSI resources empower its members to build customer relationships as a trusted expert and reliable problem solver for the design community.  Increased attendance at our annual events is a key performance indicator that our training and development tools are essential to member’s personal and professional development, and ultimate business success.

Essential to the success of the BSI organization and its initiatives are members. Membership Growth will be sustained through our brand relevance and consistent promotion that broadens the reach of the organization. Increased partnerships with other industry organizations provide additional exposure in diverse markets. Adding members is a key performance indicator in measuring the success of our goal for BSI membership to signify a member’s knowledge, confidence, credibility, innovation and progressiveness within our industry.

New Member Pack containing the below listed information and resources will be mailed to each new member.  Please allow 2-4 weeks for delivery. Packs may vary depending on time of year and resource availability.

  • Welcome letter
  • BSI Membership Brochure
  • BSI Membership pin
  • Natural Stone Council Sustainability Brochure
  • BSI By Laws
  • BSI Buyers’ Guide/Membership Directory
  • BSI’s Recommended Best Practices Book
  • Building Stone Magazine
  • 2014 Tucker Design Awards souvenir booklet
  • Upcoming Events Bulletin
  • Most recent Newsletter

Membership with the BSI coincides with the calendar beginning January 1 and ending December 31 of each year. Renewal dues invoices are mailed in late fall with anticipation of payment made prior to January 1.

New Members
Full payment for the first year’s dues must accompany this application. Second year’s dues may be pro-rated one time based on the calendar quarter of a new member application.

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