Membership Application

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Click here to download a Membership Application form.

Membership with the BSI coincides with the calendar beginning January 1 and ending December 31 of each year. Renewal dues invoices are mailed in late fall with anticipation of payment made prior to January 1.

New Members
Full payment for the first year’s dues must accompany this application. Second year’s dues may be pro-rated one time based on the calendar quarter of a new member application.



  • Active Membership – those deriving any portion of their livelihood from the stone industry by quarrying, fabricating, contracting, distributing, reselling, setting, or installing natural stone shall be eligible for Active Membership. Minimum one year business existence required.
    • US and Canada $1000 per firm • International $1300 per firm
  • Second Location Membership – any additional locations, branches, outlets or subsidiary operations of an Active Membership.
    • $200 per location
  • Associate Membership – those engaged in the design, manufacture, distribution or sale of machinery, equipment, tools, appliances, services or related accessories for or used by the natural stone industry, shall be eligible for Associate Membership. Associate members do not necessarily derive their livelihood entirely from natural stone.  Other natural stone industry or affiliated industry associations may also apply for Associate Membership.
    • $250 per firm
  • Professional Membership – those individuals who are registered architects, professional designers, engineers, artisans and/or any other professional occupation the board of directors determines to fit this classification who have an interest in the natural stone industry are eligible for Professional Membership.
    • $200 per individual
  • Architectural Design Student – those individuals who are actively enrolled in an educational program of architecture, landscape architecture, interior design, or similar professional discipline through an accredited institution. Proof of current enrollment is required.
  • $25 per individual
  • Honorary Membership – granted to any person, partnership, corporation, or other party who has distinguished themselves by unusual service to the natural stone industry, or who has performed an act or acts of exceptional influence or merit for the benefit of the natural stone industry and furthering the promotion and use of natural stone.
    • Complimentary
  • Retired Membership – those individuals who have completed a minimum of 10 years of service in any membership classification or any combination of classifications, without age requirement, may apply for Retired Membership in the most recent classification. A Retired Member shall have all the privileges of the Institute afforded that classification, with the exception of holding office.