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New Sustainability Standards are Available – a Sustainability Assessment for Natural Dimension Stone

ANSI/NSC NSC 373 – Sustainable Production of Natural Dimension Stone and the Natural Stone Council Chain of Custody standards along with a Guidance for Conformance document can be purchased to begin the certification process.
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(designated as an ANSI standard March 10, 2014)

The purpose of a Sustainability Assessment for Natural Dimension Stone is to recognize sustainability practices in the natural stone industry – practices many members already follow but don’t document or promote. This voluntary standard gives quarries and processing plants the ability to certify their operations (and subsequently their stones) as sustainable materials. Third party verification of conformance to a set of well-defined environmental, ecological, social responsibility and human health metrics is required. To date, the stone industry has not been able to compete on a level playing field with other industries that already have a standard like this in place such as wood, tile and carpet.

The standard was a collaboration of the Natural Stone Council with Ecoform, NSF International (NSF)  and  a Standards Committee for development of an American National Standard for the sustainable development aspects of dimensional stone production.  learn more


BSI Education Videos

Natural Stone Council: The Pathway to Sustainability (audio only)

Creating a Culture for Safety and Compliance

The Process of Selecting Natural Stone – From Selection to Installation (City Creek Center Project)


Stone Fact Sheets

The one-page (double-sided) documents will summarize the current market for stone, regions of deposits worldwide, physical properties, applicable ASTM standards, as well as environmental data and human health considerations. Material Facts Sheets for several of the most commonly used stone types are listed.

Natural Stone Industry Best Practices Documents

Best Practice: Water Consumption, Treatment, and Reuse 
Best Practice: Site Maintenance and Quarry Closure 
Best Practice: Solid Waste Management
Best Practice: Transportation

Read more about natural stone sustainable attributes in Green Building and LEED.

Granite, Radon, Radiation and Other Myths –

click for more resources from Marble Institute of America

What about radon and radioactivity in granite counter tops?

click here for the United States Environmental Protection Agency report


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